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Swank HealthCare is a leading distributor of patient movie entertainment and online accredited continuing education to hospitals, clinics and medical treatment facilities worldwide.

Through Swank HealthCare, Hospital Digital Cinema distributes movies to patients in hospitals to provide, among other benefits, laugh therapy. The movies are distributed digitally using special technology developed by our parent company, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Swank Motion Pictures, Inc Logo


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Founded in 1937, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. is a successful, growing business privately owned by the Swank family. Headquartered in St. Louis, Swank also has an office location in Paris, France.  Swank is the world's largest non-theatrical distributor of motion pictures for public performance and the acknowledged leader in the field.

Major Hollywood and independent movie studios have appointed Swank as their exclusive licensing and distribution partner to offer their box-office hits for public performance in non-theatrical markets (markets outside theaters).

Swank Motion Pictures provides both public performance licensing rights and licensed movies to numerous non-theatrical markets, including hospitals and other medical facilities, worldwide cruise lines, U.S. colleges and universities, K-12 public schools and libraries, motor coaches, Amtrak trains, correctional facilities and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses.

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"Children watch 3 times more television while in the hospital than they do at home. So, having family friendly, commercial free movies is critical to our patient satisfaction… more"
-Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Cleveland

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