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Increase revenue opportunities by including top box-office hits in your benefits line up! Swank HealthCare has a long-standing relationship with Hollywood’s major motion picture studios and can offer you their copyright-licensed movies, including box office hits, Academy Award® winners, family favorites, classics and more!

As hundreds of hospitals already know, our services not only please their patients, but also help develop their hospitals by increasing patient loyalty, increasing their competitive advantage and increasing marketing power within their communities.

Partner with Swank HealthCare:
  • Add another valuable amenity that can easily be incorporated into your current package
  • Profit from increased revenues
  • Incorporate our program easily into your current equipment or place the Digital Media Player in with your existing equipment solutions
  • Receiving quality customer service and technical support 24/7
  • Developing a long-lasting and solid relationship with Swank HealthCare, backed by close to 70 years of experience and professionalism
Hospitals benefit by:
  • Showing edited films that exclude offensive and inappropriate materials, without affecting the story
  • Showing movies available in both English and Spanish
  • Hands-free programming allows staff to devote their valuable time to patient care
  • Offering exciting Hollywood favorites, including box office hits and family films, 3 – 6 months prior to cable
  • Providing a home-like environment to assist in pain management and to speed the healing process while complying with Federal copyright laws and royalties to the motion picture companies

Hospital Digital Cinema is the exclusive provider of legal motion picture entertainment for the major Hollywood studios. No other licensing source can provide this exclusive, comprehensive coverage. Please visit our complete list of studios – covered under the license from Swank HealthCare.

For more details and specific information on this outstanding patient entertainment program, contact us at 1-888-485-7182.

Show your clients that you care…with movies from Swank HealthCare!



"Children watch 3 times more television while in the hospital than they do at home. So, having family friendly, commercial free movies is critical to our patient satisfaction… more"
-Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Cleveland

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